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Would you choose a home bar over a renovated kitchen? Designers respond to the most sought-after space of the season.

Kitchens have enjoyed a long time at the peak of renovation wishlists; however, this season, a new space has stolen its crown. And your home is about to get even more fun.

A new study* revealed that home bars are now a bigger priority than a new kitchen after one in 13 UK-based homeowners shared plans to create a home bar in 2022. 

Of the 2,000 homeowners interviewed, 7 percent showed said they would turn their home bar ideas into a reality this 2022 – and they would set aside approximately $17,800 (£14,000) for the renovation process. This is a larger budget than homeowners are willing to spend on new kitchen ideas, home gyms, and new porches. 

‘Our priorities are shifting, with homeowners wanting to use more of their money on creating new spaces for at-home socializing instead of spending it on staples like a new kitchen. 2022 is definitely the year of the home bar,’ says Adrienne Minster, the CEO of *Rated People(opens in new tab) who conducted the survey.  


Is this the year that the home bar becomes more important than the kitchen? Here, top designers respond to the study. 

‘Open-plan kitchens are unsurprisingly the most popular due to the entertainment possibilities; it’s therefore only natural that home bars have quickly become high on the wish list,’ say Jen and Mar, the Founders of Interior Fox(opens in new tab)

According to the designers, the rise in demand for home bars is evident; however, it doesn’t mean that kitchens are no longer popular. Rather, home bars are made popular by the demand for entertainment-focused kitchens – where you can create a home bar as part of your overall scheme. 

Home bar with island and bar stools

‘The options are endless when it comes to creating your own bar. An existing kitchen cupboard can easily be converted, or even a larder makes for a fantastic bar,’ they say. 

James Bodsworth, the Design Director at Daval(opens in new tab), agrees. He explains that the surge in interest in home bars is simultaneous with the demand for open-plan and broken plan kitchens that are perfect for entertaining. 

The designer urges you to experiment with bar countertop ideas in your kitchen – to create a feature that is right on trend – and could be one of the best ways to add value to your home. 

Home bar ideas with dining table

‘It’s safe to say the market is enjoying whole-house interior design schemes so that the kitchen living space now includes added-value living areas like a home bar with ease,’ he says. 

James adds that the demand for a more ‘hybrid home interiors’ underlines the market’s determination ‘to optimize the home and offer a bar area that is separate from the main kitchen, for extra privacy and comfort.’

So, the rise of the home bar doesn’t mean the end of the kitchen completely. Still, we predict the demand for a home bar isn’t going away, so prepare to watch this feature evolve for seasons to come. 

Source:, Megan Slack

Sure, being healthy in the kitchen means selecting nourishing foods, cooking balanced meals, and washing your hands and surfaces again and again (we all recently got a crash course on the importance of that last part). They’re all key daily moves, but there are ways you can actually engineer health and safety right into the design of your kitchen. From refrigerators and freezers that preserve the nutrients in what you pick up at the farmer’s market to countertop surfaces, fixtures, and even walls that cut down on bacteria, the right elements can pick up where your food choices leave off. Browse them all below, and cheers to your health.

1. French Three-Door Stainless Steel Refrigerator

For most of us, a counter-depth refrigerator gives that built-in look without a full gut renovation. But buying a fridge isn’t just about looking good and keeping your food cool: It’s also about preserving your groceries so when you make that salad, the lettuce is still crisp and your veggies are still ripe. Beko’s EverFresh+ technology keeps produce fresh up to 30 days so you get all those  good-for-you vitamins and nutrients out of your next trip to the farmer’s market.

2. Silgranit Sinks

Generally speaking, your hardworking sink is—sad to say—one of the least hygienic places in your whole kitchen. Stainless steel sinks are a popular option that have been in kitchens for over a century, but they can be prone to scratches and abrasions over time. For an alternative option, consider one made of a hard, smooth, and long-lasting material like these engineered stone sinks from Blanco. On top of hugely reducing bacteria growth, they’re just gorgeous and come in a range of colors.

3. SuperPaint Interior Latex

There are more ways to healthy up your kitchen than just installing gleaming, techy appliances. With paints from this sanitizing line from Sherwin-Williams, even your walls can help keep things clean and safe. On top of killing over 90 percent of the E. coli, MRSA, Staph, and other bacteria that lands on it, it comes in all the amazing colors you’d expect from Sherwin-Williams—no style concessions here! If air purification is more your thing than sanitization, the brand also has a paint for that too.

4. Tall Tub WiFi Connected Carbon Fiber Dishwasher

Now more than ever, you want to know that what you eat and drink from has been properly cleaned. And a lot of that comes down to the dishwasher you choose. The AquaIntense technology Beko has packed into this one uses an intense water pressure to break up food particles to provide five times better cleaning. You’d think with all this pressure inside, the noise outside would be an issue, but the dishwasher is only 39db — quiet enough you might forget it’s on. By the way, it can handle 16 place settings at once, so go ahead and plan that dinner party.

5. Sleek Chrome Smart Faucet

Cleaning your hands is a huge part of kitchen hygiene, but doesn’t that mean your faucet and knobs are getting covered in whatever you’re washing off your mitts? Not if you can wave your germy, chicken-drenched hands over the sensor of this smart faucet for a blast of hot water without needing to touch a thing. You can also set the faucet up so it will automatically run for the right amount of time to get your hands clean (no more counting off in your head) and will automatically shut off if it’s been running too long—a nice note for water conservation too! Also, it’s a sleek upgrade to your space. (If this one isn’t to your taste, Moen has plenty more.)

6. Quartz Countertop

Bottom line: You need to know your prep surface isn’t harboring any germs in its tiny, almost invisible nooks and crannies. Just like a sink, a porous countertop can be a playground for bacteria, no matter how much bleach you use. Caesarstone’s recycled quartz material is both durable and non-toxic, it doesn’t require sealants or wax, and it’s entirely non-porous. Oh, and it’s environmentally friendly too (made with recycled and sustainably sourced quartz) and comes in a fantastic selection of styles and colors.

7. Stainless Steel Upright Freezer

Aside from being a gorgeous freezer for your home, this might be the nicest one out there for garages. It’s able to handle extreme temperature fluctuations from sweltering summers to frigid winters. For most of us, the bonus of having a standalone freezer is really about being able to buy either in bulk or freeze seasonal produce for when it’s no longer in season. This freezer’s frost-free technology, coupled with its quick freeze, means your food will still have all those essential vitamins and nutrients when it’s finally time to eat your bounty.

Source:, Carisha Swanson

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